5 exercises to burn thigh fat just before the party season

5 exercises to burn thigh fat just before the party season

April 13, 2018 0 By Nice5366 Team

When it comes to reducing thigh fat, you must choose exercises that can help in toning leg muscles while increasing muscle strength. Here are five ways to get it right.

With the wedding and party season almost here, not being able to fit into your clothes should not serve as an excuse for not attending a party. Losing belly fat might be difficult but equally strenuous is toning the thighs. Today, we focus on exercises that can help you to tone your leg muscles without losing much muscular strength. While it won’t happen overnight, following a strict workout routine will help you get there.


Running is a natural movement that helps in slimming the thighs and giving them shape. Not only legs, running actually works on every lower body muscles including glutes and calf muscles. It also helps in developing strength and burning calories.


Lunges help sculpt legs and strengthen them. One of the complex exercises, it works on the hamstrings, glutes, quads and calves. It also helps in slimming buttocks.


Aerobics is known for burning calories much faster than any other form of exercise. Not only thigh fat, it has other advantages as well – from lowering high blood pressure levels and cholesterol to improving your immune system.

Leg Raise

It helps tone your thighs, hips as well as lower ab muscles. It also helps in improving digestion, eliminates toxins from the body and prevents back injuries and back pain.


Just like lunges, squats too help in building leg muscle strength along with toning them. Besides, it provides whole body benefits including reducing belly fat.