Effects And Benefits Of Sports Massage

Effects And Benefits Of Sports Massage

February 27, 2019 0 By Nice5366 Team

Sports massage is an effective massage therapy that helps in curing pain happening in certain areas of the body. The pain could be caused due to too much physical activity. Sports massage therapy was initially established to help athletes to relieve and prevent injuries. It is beneficial for both non-athletes and athletes, which they gain effective psychological and physiological benefits from getting the sports massage therapy.

Prevention of DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness)

Sports massage therapy helps in relieving or preventing DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). The delayed soreness usually starts to grow between 12 and 24 hours after performing exercise or heavy physical activity. It results in the greatest pain after 24 hours to 72 hours after you perform the exercise. Sports massage therapy helps in preventing the occurrence of DOMS by encouraging lymph and blood flow throughout the body and preventing muscle fatigue.

Mr. Lionel, most experienced massage therapist of a leading Massage and Spa Centre in Vellore, www.riverdayspa.com/vellore/ spoke to us about the effectiveness of Sports Massage. “We recommend a Sports Massage before the sporting event as it improves efficiency and muscle flexibility. Leading sports persons who regularly undergo the sports massage therapy vouch for its effectiveness.” he said.

Pain and stress reduction

A collage of multiple images showing pain and stress points in different areas of the body.If you are a person severe pain and associated stress, you need to try sports massage therapy. By receiving the sports massage, the body releases neurotransmitters which are known as endorphins. As per American Spa, the endorphins are unrestricted by two areas of the brain referred to as the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland. They act as a natural pain reliever of the body. When your body releases Endorphins while receiving the sports massage, you can enjoy various benefits. It aids to decrease in anxiety, enhance mood, offer pain relief and improve the status of the wellbeing of the person.

Release Muscle Tension

When you are experiencing severe stress on your body, the muscles can develop tension and trigger points. Obtaining regular massage helps in improving the tissue pliability and in turn, it can improve mobility and reduce injuries.

Support Good Posture

Most people have the habit of spending long hours at computer desks. The posture would pull the joints in position and muscles to shorten. After a certain point of time, it enhances the chances of repetitive strain injuries and reduces function. Sports massage aids to release the strained muscles. It is the best option to eliminate the negative effect that is caused due to working on a desk. It also helps in improving your posture in a great way.

Stretches Tissues

Sports massage therapy helps to stretch the tissues. The massage stretches tissues which you cannotA sports person undergoing sports massage at a Massage Centre In Vellore just before a sporting event.stretch yourself like the fascia or sheath that borders the muscle. It helps in releasing pressure buildup and tension.

Who can make use of sports massage therapy?

If you are training with weights, training for triathlons or performing water aerobics, the exercise schedule remains completely fun and satisfying when you are injury free. The massage therapy helps in enhancing performance. It is common all kinds of athletes like dancers, yogis, triathletes, marathoners, cyclists, and runners. It is best for any person who exercises. They would definitely see a lot of benefits after the sports massage session.

When you should get a sports massage?

There is no specific time to obtain a sports massage. The professionals obtain before the sports event. If possible, they obtain massage even after the sports event.