Medical screening and health checkup prior to the exercise program

Medical screening and health checkup prior to the exercise program

February 27, 2019 0 By Nice5366 Team

If you decided to start exercising, it is important to consult your doctor prior to hitting the gym. The majority of people know that they should consider the doctor about heart health prior to beginning any exercise schedule. Some people also think that why they should take a heart attack check when they are healthy. Let us see answers for all your questions associated with health checkup and exercise program.

Why it is necessary to take heart checkup prior to the exercise program?

A doctor checking blood pressure for a patient during a medical screening and health check upAs per traditional recommendation, it is necessary for all people to consult their doctor prior to begin an exercise program. The main reason for consulting the physician is when a person begins to take up in intense or moderate activity, the person has slight chances to experience cardiac or heart attack complications. The heart checkup ensures the person that he/she does not have any heart issues which they are aware of. They can also follow an exercise program which is not too intense when they are pretty sedentary.
However, the guidelines are changing. As per the medical community advice, it is best to seek doctor consultation before starting any exercise. It helps people to continue exercise forever for life without any obstacle. The main goal is to ensure patient safety by tackling new obstacle to exercise.

What are the guidelines for people who have performed heart checkup before starting the exercise program?

It is best to question yourself before the heart checkup. Are you an active person normally? If you are a person who is sedentary, you need to consult a doctor prior to the regular exercise schedule. Are you experiencing any symptoms of heart problems? Do you have other health issues which can cause heart problems? Lung disease, kidney disease, and diabetes are the major conditions which can cause heart issues.

Dr. Peter, leading radiologist at tells us how investigations help in determining health issues – “PET scan can reveal the size, shape, position, and some function of the heart. It is used when other tests, such as echocardiogram (ECG) and cardiac stress tests do not provide enough information.”

What kind of activity you would like to take part? Do you like high-intensity activities like running? If you want to try high-intensity exercise schedule, you have to consult your physician. It is especially true since you are not an active person on a normal basis. If you are answering yes to all these three questions, you have to consider taking a heart checkup. There are chances to face a cardiac event while performing the exercise.

The medical screening consists of various medical examinations and tests performed by a healthcare expert like a physiotherapist or a sports physician. It is mostly performed on annual basis or when employing an athlete or before recruitment. The medical screening helps to find whether the person has any possible issues or injuries that are A medical professional holding a stethescope and checking the digital medical reports.susceptible.

The medical screening procedure is a comprehensive process. It divided into several components.

Personal football history: It includes details of the dominant leg, playing position and sum of games the person has played previously.
Medical history: It involves player’s medical history, current vaccination and medication, current symptoms and complaints and family history of any medical condition.
Laboratory examination: It is mandatory to take a urine test and blood count with other associated tests.
Ultrasound scan and radiological examination: It would be suggested as per the results of the above examination.